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Herridge and Everleigh Racing Stables

Richard Hannon racing began at East Everleigh Stables in 1968 and Herridge was added to the portfolio some 25 years later. There is a combination of original brick stabling, timber stabling and in recent years modern American barns have been added. This gives us the ability to stable horses in their preferred environments We now boast one of the most well equipped training establishments in Great Britain and we are continually upgrading our facilities so as to maintain very high standards.

7 furlong sand gallop at Everleigh, a 7 furlong all weather eco track and a mile round poly track gallop at Herrridge. There are numerous grass gallops at both facilities totalling some 250 acres, the old turf at Everleigh has been in operation as a gallop for over a hundred years.

Each yard is equipped with its own mill which enables us to mix our own feed daily, this way we know exactly what each horse is having. Each yard has a designated member of staff who is in charge of the feeding.

We mainly travel all our own horses and the administration of the transport operation is now maintained in house with our own Transport Manager. We have 4 of our own modern horse boxes which are fully maintained and fully equipped to cater for the welfare of both the horse and the employees travelling.

The operation is run from a purpose built modern office which also includes our owners facility from which they are able to watch their horses warming up around the 2 furlong exercise ring.

Each yard has it's own walker, a proven asset to any yard. Horse walkers are essential to ensure that fitness levels are maintained and to assist with bringing horses back into work after injury.

Cold saltwater hydrotherapy is a nautral aid and very beneficial. It helps blood circulation, draws out infection and is used to treat a multitide of injuries. 

We break in the majority of our yearlings ourselves. The indoor school provides a quiet space for horses to be lunged and introduced to both tack and rider. Our starting stalls are setup in here pre-season to teach them how to walk through the gates. The school also provides a sheltered area for horses to exercise during bad weather.

We have individual turnout pens at each yard to allow horses to freshen up, roll around and graze.

Each yard has a a digital weighing platforn, to monitor horse's weight and fitness. 

Perfect for washing horses down after exercise. 

We have an automatic watering system at both yards to ensure a clean and accessible water supply for all the horses.

An essential part of training and teaching horses how to behave and jump out of the stalls when they reach the racecourse. 

"There's almost a tinge of sadness as you drive away from the yard, you wish you were due there again tomorrow. Then you realise you have just experienced something rare, something that makes the penny drop hard. Owning a racehorse is a hobby; its all about having fun."