Horses and staff remain healthy and happy

Tue 07 April 2020

Happiness is catching a Creme Egg - Happy Easter!

We are staying positive in these unusual times and we all appreciate how lucky we are to have such beautiful countryside surrounding us – there are so many who are not so fortunate and it’s difficult to imagine what it must be like for those that are isolated within cities.

The weather has turned a corner and we have had a number of beautiful spring days which helps to lift spirits. Our horses are starting to come in their coats and have been enjoying some turnout time – they love having the sun on their backs!

There has been talk that some racing might resume behind closed doors from May 1st, obviously this is very fluid and no one really knows if this will be possible, however it does give us all something to aim at. Our two year olds have been cantering away taking things easy over the last few weeks but we took them all up in pairs today to spice things up for both the horses and our riders. They all behaved impeccably, and we really look forward to seeing them make their debuts once racing resumes. 

Every cloud has a silver lining and the suspension of racing and stop on jump racing until July has meant that we have had the pleasure of having a number of jump jockeys in who would otherwise be busy racing all summer and never get the chance to ride out in a flat yard. We are extremely grateful and will be sad to see them go when jumping starts up again.

#staysafe #remainhealthy #keeppositive

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